Townsend Blues

Townsend Blues

Moving to Austin has allowed us to connect with some pretty impressive people, not that we didn’t do the same in California, but… It’s different in Austin.  It’s not as easy to connect for business here (in my opinion), because people actually want to build relationships with each other.  Which is AWESOME, but it takes a little longer to get to the business part of things.  Brek and I have been working nonstop on our marketing company Engage Austin, and going to networking events has been a must for us the past few months.

One such event we attended is called “The Austin Blues Review.”  It’s actually a pretty great concept… For the first hour of the event, attendees mingle, eat small bites, drink, and network, and during the second hour attendees are treated to a private blues show at Antone’s in downtown Austin.  It was a fun event, and it also opened up the opportunity for us to connect with the talented, blues musicians you see on stage below.

We’ve attended multiple events now that are hosted by Pete, an acquaintance of Breks, and they have all been great.  This one was a little more private than previous events, and it did not disappoint.  Playing blues at the Townsend in downtown Austin, artists shared stories from the road – captivating the audience with melodies, cover songs, and funny stories from years of playing across the globe – even including bits of American history and music trivia.


Sorry for the poor photo quality, the lighting was terrible!



And now for a snippet of what I’m calling the “Townsend Blues.”


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