“I’M OK Superhero 5K”

“I’M OK Superhero 5K”

This past month has been an absolute blur…  From the Epilepsy Foundation’s 5K, a private blue’s show, to the Austin Woman Magazine’s Summer Launch Party, back around to KetoCon Weekend and Austin Small Biz’s 14th Annual Women’s Entrepreneurial Luncheon, and finally a photo shoot with Engage Austin & Jade Nelson.  WOW!  Is there an adjective to describe a combination of exhausted, excited, and anxious?  That’s been my mood all month.  Exhausted from going, going, going…  Excited for new opportunities and possibilities… And anxious for fear of things not working out and being judged.

One thing I can happily say is that there is one adjective missing that I would usually attached to my mood, and that is “depressed.”  You won’t see that word around here anymore!  Since starting back on the Ketogenic Diet and taking Vitamin D3 daily, I’ve had no room for depression in my life.  After my misdiagnosis, I am weary of going back to the same doctor, but I will say she was correct in her Vitamin D deficiency diagnosis.  It has helped tremendously!

You’ll notice in the photos below that I don’t have my usual spark, aside from a few at the 5K.  I look tired, drained, and I can tell you I felt terrible.  You see, this is the weekend I started taking pig thyroid for my misdiagnosis of Hypothyroidism.  When I look at these photos, I get angry – Angry that I was misdiagnosed, that the way I felt ruined what should have been a great weekend, and the worst part is feeling numb.  I didn’t feel like my emotional self but in a negative way, because I felt nothing.  That weekend I got a glimpse into what my life would have been like had I listen to one doctor’s diagnosis.  Thankfully, I have multiple people in my life that work in the medical field and gave me their opinions.

Regardless of the weekend not being what it should have been, there were moments of joy and fun with my mom and stepdad that drove approximately 15 hours to support me and walk in the “I’M OK Superhero 5K” in Pflugerville, Texas – just outside of Austin.


Mom & I their first day visiting. (Excuse the putty on the walls, we’re renovating!)



Not having done many “tourists” type activities since moving to Austin, I wasn’t sure where to take Mom and Gerry during their stay.  We did a bit of dining out, walked around Lady Bird Lake, participated in the 5K, and introduced them to Shabu.


Our first stop – Tacodeli (They have the BEST queso!)


Letting my camera absorb me, so I don’t have to interact with anyone.


Sadie, eagerly awaiting Brek’s return to the table.

The second day was a little easier for me, until the heat got the best of me, while walking around downtown.  Regardless, it was nice to be in urban nature for a bit and enjoy the views! I really tried to make the best out of a not-so-awesome situation.


Downtown Austin


Spray painted artwork under the bridge, along the walkway, at Lady Bird Lake.

That night we went to a shabu restaurant, not far from our house, so Mom & Gerry could try it for the first time.  (I should say I was not eating Keto at this time, because I’m extremely stubborn and don’t always do what is best for me…  *shrug* I’m human.)  Next shabu trip, I’ll be eating meat & veggies only – no noodles.

Mom & I outside the shabu restaurant.


Not Keto


Mom & Ger listening to Brek tell a story…


Ladies, get you a man that makes you laugh so hard you have multiple chins.
Mom & Ger being cute.

The morning of the 5K, I was eager to get to the race location and enjoy the opening festivities.  We met our fundraising goal of $1000 – my highest fundraising goal yet – so I was proud of our team for making it happen and exceeding our goal.  When we arrived at the event I was actually a little disappointed…  Being used to attending the Epilepsy Foundation’s 5K in Pasadena, CA for the past few years, I expected a larger crowd and a larger event in general.  In LA, the walk always had a positive vibe and felt upbeat.  Everyone was there for a mission, and they were going to rock the walk!  My experience did not feel empowering or positive.  The walk had an undertone of sadness, because the walk was also in memory of a child that passed away from SUDEP (Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy.)  While SUDEP should not be ignored, I don’t feel that it’s a good topic to start off a walk with, because it’s deflating for someone with epilepsy.  SUDEP is always looming in the back of our minds, and to have it shadow an event that should be positive and uplifting didn’t sit well with me.  I was at the walk for a reason, so I decided to focus on what was important – raising awareness and being an advocate for the epilepsy community.





Along the 5K route, their were brightly-colored signs with each team name listed.  I couldn’t help but stop for a photo by our sign!


Posing by our team sign – Brek walking Sadie in the background.


Gerry doing his best Rocky Balboa impression, while Mom looks at him in amusement.


Obligatory team photo in front of the lake, my crazy hair blocking Gerry.


Just a fur dad and his girl


Sadie & I pretending to fly like superheros…

The highlight of the walk for me was our team being recognized for raising the most funds.  I felt great knowing we had gone above-and-beyond not only our team goal but had exceeded all other teams’ fundraising efforts.



Looking silly for a great cause – holding the award our team won for the most funds raised



They had a Boomerang and photo stations for us to take photos in front of sequined backdrops




Team Photos! (Sadie was being shy.)


Family photo! (Sadie perked up for this one.)


Sadly, our team did not make it into a single event photo, which I found to be very strange.  Every team before and after us in the walk were photographed, except us.  *sad face*  I did manage to find one photo of Brek & Sadie on the event’s Facebook page, which is pretty cute.


Brek & Sadie taking refuge in the shade to cool off.


After a long day and a failed attempt at swimming, we decided to stay in for dinner, ordering take-out from a local burger restaurant.  Brek got his usual “Impossible Burger” which made for interesting conversation accompanied by a spring night’s breeze blowing through the patio windows.  The breeze was perfect in comparison to the prior day’s unbearable heat and the morning’s 5K.  After dinner, we took a few family photos before Mom & Gerry said their goodbyes and headed back to the hotel, planning on driving back to Alabama the following morning.


Mom & I their last night in Austin.


Gerry & I after dinner their last night in Austin.


Final family photo of the weekend. (Sadie being a spaz)


After a busy weekend, we all felt like Sadie…





Christalle Bodiford is an artist, advocate, writer, and adventure seeker. As an entrepreneur diagnosed with epilepsy, Christalle brings a unique perspective of empowerment that inspires others to embrace a positive mindset and live with purpose. When she’s not writing or advocating, Christalle enjoys puppy snuggles with her scruffy terrier and outdoor adventures with her husband.

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