Let’s talk about living your best life…

Living your best life includes healthy habits.  Diet, exercise, & self-care are so important to keeping you in alignment.

Below, you will find some of my favorite companies & products that help me live my best life.

I hope they do the same for you.



FBOMBs are durable & portable pouches full of all-natural nut butters or 100% premium oils.

Q-Link Products are utilized & appreciated by individuals around the world of all ages & interests to improve well-being, performance and quality of life.

Primal Kitchen is the world’s best-tasting, health-enhancing, real-food pantry staples. Nothing processed or artificial, no added sugars, partially hydrogenated or trans fats, soybean or canola oils. No more artificial flavors, colors, dyes, waxes or chemical preservatives. Just. Real. Food.  Use code:  LIVEYOURBESTLIFE at checkout!





Life Is Good believes each one of us has a choice: to focus our energy on obstacles or opportunities.  The Life is Good community shares one simple, unifying mission: to spread the power of optimism.





Jade Nelson is a lifestyle coach & public speaker that educates people about the Ketogenic diet & epilepsy.