10 Social Media Intentions

10 Social Media Intentions

Over the next ten days, we will be sharing ten social media intentions to create a happier and healthier social media experience for all.

Why? Myself & Jade (@thetraininsideme) have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with social media.



We’ve often experienced frustration, negativity, and disappoint with social media, but we’ve also found community, connection, and a world of opportunity.

Taking a bit of our own advice, we’re turning a negative into a positive – turning lemons into lemonade.🍋

Over the next ten days, I encourage you to follow along on Instagram for our “10 Social Media Intentions” for a happier and healthier social media experience.

At the end of the 10 days, I’ll have a special treat for you! 

Christalle Bodiford is an artist, advocate, writer, and adventure seeker. As an entrepreneur diagnosed with epilepsy, Christalle brings a unique perspective of empowerment that inspires others to embrace a positive mindset and live with purpose. When she’s not writing or advocating, Christalle enjoys puppy snuggles with her scruffy terrier and outdoor adventures with her husband.

2 thoughts on “10 Social Media Intentions

  1. Hi Christalle! I have the same thoughts with the love hate relationship on social media!!

    I am so struggling with my recent diagnosis of epilepsy and trying to use social media as an outlet but at times it seems as though it makes me feel even more alone. Am I not looking in the right places?

    Regardless!! I’d love to hear your 10 intentions 🙂

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Nicolle,

      I hear you loud and clear!

      It’s tough to find support that keeps a positive outlook! That’s literally the reason I started Life Elektrik. LifeElektrik.com When I was diagnosed at 25, I felt so isolated and had a difficult time finding support groups that weren’t a “compain-fest.” I started Life Elektrik March 2017, and it’s a community for adults living with epilepsy. Our most active platform is Instagram, but we are growing/expanding quicker than I could have ever imagined. We have 4 physical support groups as well! 🙂

      You can ALWAYS reach out to me if you need/want to chat! I know it can be difficult living with epilepsy, but it’s even more difficult when you feel like you’re battling on your own. You can reach me at ChristalleBodiford@gmail.com/LifeElektrik@gmail.com or on Instagram at @ChristalleBodiford

      My personal favorite support community, aside from Life Elektrik, is YOOCAN: https://bit.ly/2PXo84V

      If you would like a copy of my 10 Social Media Intentions, you can download it (for free) here: https://bit.ly/2PZUZpN


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